The NORDIC WOOD DESIGN sustainability ethos - helping to make a difference

Committed to being sustainable

As an award-winning customer-focused Philippine company, we are determined in our help to fight climate change and inequality.

Our house is our home and so too is the planet. Our planet needs us now more than ever. Climate change is making it uninhabitable and inequality making everything more expensive. But home and planet are what we make it. And we’re determined to help our fellow Filipinos make their home and planet a more sustainable and equal one.

Some examples of how NORDIC WOOD DESIGN do this

  • All our furniture is 100% recyclable.
  • We source all our materials from sustainable and well managed sources.
  • All our bed frames and tables are 100% solid wood, usually pine or mahogany.
  • We only use environmentally friendly non-toxic water-based paints, stains and varnish.
  • Everything is made by us, in our workshop, right here in the Philippines.
  • We sell direct to you helping keep our prices affordable.
  • We promote gender balance and equal pay.