Customized furniture just for you


Countless elements make you uniquely you.

And we love helping you express your identity through our highly customizable collections.

Not just a bed or just a table or cupboard or bookshelf. We can change the size, configuration, colours, and materials of nearly every design.

Wood ready in the workshop                  Confirming design detail - NORDIC WOOD DESIGN

We already have huge range of 23 colours - but maybe you have a specific colour in mind to match the decor. No problem! Send us the colour code and we can match it.

Measuring for a perfect cut in the table saw                  large range of finishes and colours - NORDIC WOOD DESIGN

It’s all about helping you create a truly personal home that matches your style, budget, and the way you live. From the legs of a table to the size of your dining tabletop; or the configuration of your new bed, we can customize to your needs.

It’s a NORDIC WOOD DESIGN concept to make customized beds, tables and storage furniture solutions possible.